Saturday, March 09, 2013

Trey Suppress Spaces

Okay this is a follow up to redux. Erik pointed out that we can still override the dimension style to ignore the project settings and Suppress Spaces. Here's what a string of dimensions look like with no overrides in play.

Here's what the same string looks like with overridden dimension style and Suppress Spaces on. Notice that the dimensions are tighter (good) and the prefix and suffix are closer too (not a better look though).

This means that we can still get what I though we lost. It seems the Suppress Spaces option is limited to altering the prefix/suffix while the dimension style needs to be overridden to get it.

Since I can put a space in between the prefix and dimension value, same for suffix, I'd prefer that the style could use the more obvious Suppress Spaces option and let the dimension stay connected to project units. I'd be far more likely to use it that way than ever use it to mess with prefix and suffix which I seldom use in conjunction with a real dimension value either, definitely the exception rather than the rule.

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