Monday, November 21, 2011

Stair Headroom Clearance

In the past I've written about using a line based family to document path of egress information. Brian Mackey with BD Mackey Consulting in Denver recently shared a concept he uses for demonstrating that a stair well has sufficient clearance. He uses a railing family that has a profile to document the required clearance instead of what we'd usually use. In this example I quickly mocked up I just used a similar "guy" I'm calling Clarence, so Clarence can show the Clearance is met.

It's easy! Just create a profile family and load it into your project. Assign the profile to a new railing type, called Clearance. Assign Clarence to the Railing. Place the railing on the center line of the stair. You'll have to fuss with graphics and decide when it should be visible but it's pretty simple. To really show the zone required for clearance a simple rectangular profile off a specified height would suffice and show where no building elements should touch. A quick interference check would help catch problems too.

Cool solution Brian!


Brian Mackey said...

Although mine isn't as fancy as your little guy, it is just a rectangle, it works well. Plus I almost always use the interferacne check because then I don't have to go to all the veiws to check for the clearance.

Oh by the way I work for myself now BD Mackey Consulting. if you wouldn't mind the plug.


Rob said...

it's time stairs get a review of tools from the boys at the factory. (and girls)

An option to set a clearance would be amazing, in which if set, would show a dashed line of sorts when cut in section/elevation but wouldn't print. eliminating the need to make a railing called Clarence Clearing.

This would make a GREAT update to the stair tools.

Alfredo Medina said...

That is a funniest and weirdest application I have seen about a railing profile. Nice to meet you Clearance!, oops, I meant Clarence!
Just make sure that Clarence doesn't make it into the construction documents set.

Ian Kidston said...

Sweet - cool use of railings