Wednesday, November 02, 2011

No Math Characters in Parameter Names

I've mentioned this before in the context of older posts but never in a dedicated post. Don't use characters that Revit respects as mathematical symbols in the parameters names you create. That means don't do things like this.

Revit will be nice and accept parameter names that include most if not all of them but when it comes time to do something more clever with the parameters you'll regret it. More clevererer? Like using the parameters in a formula, that's clever! You'll get messages like this one.

Easy to resolve, just don't use mathematical symbols in parameter names.


Alex Page said...

If you really really really want math characters in your formulas, and you dont want to change the formulas you can change the parameter names to include them AFTER you have made the formula.

Steve said...

That's not a strategy with a good future though. :)

Brian Mackey said...

Steve I would also suggest the same for family names. Since we can use nested family types in formulas as well now. I am working with a client that used "-" in all fo their family names and now Revit is trying to use thoseas math functions too.

Tomek said...

Commas are a bad idea as well - they will get in the way when the parameter is used as a function argument.

If you have a parameter Really cool, too, this will fail: if(Really cool, too, "cool", "not cool").