Friday, November 11, 2011

New Book for Revit and Interior Design

Daniel Stine teamed up with Aaron Hansen to write a new book with a focus on Interior Design. The formal title is "Interior Design Using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012" and is published by SDC (Schroff Development Corporation).

They are offering a nice sample chapter on Materials if you want to get a better sense of the book. From the book's description:

"The overall premise of the book is to learn Revit Architecture while developing the interior of a two story law office. The reader is provided an architectural model with established columns, beams, exterior walls, minimal interior walls and roofs in which to work. This allows more emphasis to be placed on interior design rather than primary architectural elements. The chapters chronology generally follows the typical design process. Students will find this book helps them more accurately and efficiently develop their design ideas and skills."

Table of Contents consists of:

  1. Introduction; Leveraging Revit for interior design
  2. Project Navigation
  3. Revit Jumpstart
  4. Materials
  5. Programming
  6. Material Presentation Board
  7. Reception, Lobby and Lounge Design
  8. Office Spaces
  9. Break Room and Work Room
  10. Toilet room design
  11. Floor finishes
  12. Ceiling design
  13. Schedules
  14. Custom Content Creation
  15. Detailing
  16. Renderings
  17. Sheets   

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Rob said...

what they need to do is give you a copy to raffle off for the publicity you're given them! haha