Thursday, March 25, 2010

Revit MEP 2011

Revit Clinic revealed some new features for Revit MEP 2011. For those of you expressing dismay at no cable tray or conduit features, dismay no more! Also, sssh... "oval duct"!

I'm wondering how long before there is a wishlist item for "flex conduit" (aka Romex?)...?


Erik said...

I'd wish for the ability turn off calculations till I ask for them, but then I have been working on sloped piping for the past week. ;P

Can't wait to get on 2011

Jake Boen said...

Do you mean MC (metal clad) cable? MC Cable has the spiral metal covering. Romex is the trade name for NM (non metalic) that is used mostly in residential and has the plastic sheathing. Both flex so I guess they're both appropriate. ;)

Steve said...

uh..yeah that wiggly stuff!