Friday, March 19, 2010

AUGI | AEC EDGE Winter 2010 Issue is out!

It is posted! You can check it out here!

Authors this issue are:

Paul Aubin, Robert Bell, Chris Fugitt, Bruce Gow, Jason Grant, Mike Hardy Brown, David Harrington, Will Harris, David Kataoka, Robert Manna, Philip (Chico) Membreno, John Morgan, Damon Ranieri, Elizabeth Shulok, Steve Stafford (me), and alphabetically last, but not least, Margaret Wiggins.

Hope you enjoy it!


John Vogt - HOK STL said...

you asked for comment on the "Assert - clear failed" error - we have been turning off the direct3d all across HOK (certain laptops with certain video cards?) to counter this error

Steve said...

Thanks John!