Friday, March 26, 2010

Autodesk Blogger Day - Revit 2011

Wow I've got so much to write about! I'm sorry I should have written I COULD have had so much to write about. This morning has been a comedy of errors. First I realized that I deleted my invitation last night when my email provider decided to dump 80 messages on me again along with some I haven't seen. I inadvertently deleted several I shouldn't have and then immediately emptied the the "trash"...gone, poof...see ya...

Today is my daughter's birthday and I took some snacks to school and had some fun. All the while thinking that I had several hours until the meeting took place. I could just send an email and get it all sorted out, no problem. Except when I finally got back to my computer to deal with it I realized that the meeting just ended!! Eastern Standard time is a "bugger" when you live on the "left" coast!!

Suffice it to say I missed the event again. Last year I was working with a client and this year I set aside the date for my daughter's birthday (and sneaking in a Revit Blogger Day). Sigh... I did attend the South Coast Revit User Group meeting last night and got to see Scott Davis present information for all three versions so I can still write something, just not about the blogger day event. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) reduces me to Sergeant Shultz unfortunately.


ixxx69 said...

I wouldn't feel bad about it... 2011 is really just a "feature list" at this point with everyone posting the same info. And after the 2010 debacle, 2011 will be a "hit" with users no matter what it offers. Personally I can't wait for 2011 just for the improved Ribbon alone.

Anonymous said...

I just found my email invitation...and it is now early Sunday about not keeping track of emails!