Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Revit 2011 - Let the Noise Begin

Since Revit 2011 is nearly upon us I thought I'd echo a post by Guy Robinson at Bolt Out of The Red blog. He wrote this one back in May of 2009 after the scrappy heated stuff was developing with the new Ribbon interface. I found it very insightful and thought provoking. He wasn't claiming to have an inside track on reality or the truth but he has been a programmer using the Revit API for about as long as anyone outside of Autodesk has been. I tend to agree with his post title as I think this year will be a pivotal one for the three kids as they turn eleven, six and five.

Greg Arkin at Revit 3D has begun posting information about the new release. I believe the standard Autodesk embargo (for Sales/Marketing) about discussing the new products ended at Midnight (EST). He started posting minutes afterward. As my title says, let the noise begin as everyone else starts adding to the available information pile on the "internets". It's a win for the users who are eager to find out what they can about the next release.

[Added: 03/25/2010] David Light made a really nice summary of just some of the new features this morning too.

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Rod Howarth said...

March 25 is indeed the day for it to be lifted, they didnt specify which timezone (it's been March 25 here in Australia for 17 hours now :)) so I figured I'd hold off until it ticked over in the USA.

From an API perspective, Revit 2011 is very exciting!