Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wishlist - Top Five - August 19, 2008

I was asked today what my current top five wish list items are. I rattled these off pretty quick.

1 STAIRS/RAMPS/RAILINGS - A complete redesign of functionality
2 CURTAIN WALLS - More...more capable and more real
3 RAC/RST/RME - Suite/bundle - All in one package.
4 RAC/RST/RME - Continue to improve the BIM integration
5 SITE DESIGN Tools - Roads, curbs, parking lots, retaining walls

I offer these thoughts as well...

An improved text editor is on the list for me, just not top five...just put it at number six for now. But then consider, IF "it's" about the model, AND it is more important than drawings in the future then a text editor's role is a thing of the not too distant future's past....

My two cents on exporting to dwg. I'd like to see AutoCAD get smarter about working with Revit. Don't waste Revit resources getting "dumber" for AutoCAD. Let AutoCAD import a Revit project and display a level's view. Import a view...etc. IF Revit is the "flagship" future then the other applications ought to be interoperating with it not the other way around. Probably won't happen in that fashion but I'd prefer they not spend any money making Revit a "better dwg maker".

Uh oh...may catch some flack for those two...overanout!


Anonymous said...

Very good Mr stafford
I'm still using Revit in Italy and i'm agree with your wishlist
Develop Revit please !!!
Lot of people are need of a better tool
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of these but I might put site design at the top of the list. 3D topo never has the same topo lines as the original cad file used to create it. Revit should always assume topo is existing and when you change it that it is new construction/ proposed. There is a huge lack of families for site design. It needs retaining walls, flowers, shrubs, better trees (mostly their 2D appearance but also 3D etc. etc. Users should not need to create an entire library especially new users.

Anonymous said...

I agree with making AutoCAD smarter, why should be have the pain let the deadCAD user put up with our models!!!

Anonymous said...
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