Monday, August 18, 2008

Views are Associated to Levels - Forever!

Need a new Level in your project? Don't just copy a view and rename it! All you get is a view with a "nice" name but it isn't related to the Level you think it is.

A new Level must be created with the Drafting menu > Level tool or via the Basics Design Bar Tab > Level (okay its in a couple more places too). You can also copy a Level but no new views are created when you do that. Which is probably how people end up copying views to make a new view for their Level in the first place.

This dialog shows the Associated Level parameter. Note that it is read only (gray and not editable). This view is forever associated with Level 1. A nice name like 15th Floor does nothing to change that.

Need a new View? View Menu > New > Floor Plan or Ceiling Plan or Basics Design Bar Tab > Floor Plan or Ceiling Plan.


krzystoff said...

almost every day I find myself wishing there was a way to chnage the associated level of a view, (rather than only creating views from a level) -- I spend inordinate amounts of time setting up views and adding detail info, and then copy the view to later find that the view ranges don't work properly or new elements are added to the wrong level, all because of that one greyed out parameter.

and equally annoying, is the fact there is simply NO reason for it!

hd said...

Likewise. This kills our time when producing applications for permits. Seriously, Autodesk, change that!

Anonymous said...

This is why I don't like Revit. It's a BIM software, but retarded.