Saturday, August 30, 2008

Building Explorer - Product Plug

Thursday night (08/28/08) I attended the South Coast Revit User Group (SCRUG), my alma mater user group of sorts that Jim Balding (WATG) started "moons" ago when Revit wasn't fashionable. I got to see some old friends naturally and it was good to catch up on the latest news.

Will Harris (Micro Desk) gave a nice demonstration of Revit Family Editor concepts that every Revit user needs to know.

Then Building Explorer co-founders Sinisa and Veljko (sp from memory and it isn't what it used to be) demonstrated their product and then entertained a wide variety of questions. These included some very insightful questions from a mechanical contractor in attendance as well as a few less intelligent questions from yours truly.

Their product is very interesting, powerful, if not perhaps even overwhelming. As Scott Davis uses in his signature at AUGI, "You're on the Road to BIM, not just crossing BIM Street.", this product can significantly enhance how you do business if you are serious about Revit and BIM. BIM/Revit and Building Explorer require you to challenge any preconceptions you may have about the purpose/importance of the model, how it is modeled and how the traditional product/contract documents consisting of drawings and specifications is viewed. The premise is this: An accurate model that represents how the building will actually be constructed is more valuable than the documentation/process we currently rely on. Keep in mind that these comments are mine and I'm imposing my own world view on what I heard. You'd need to speak with the guys at Building Explorer yourself to determine how accurately I've represented them and their product's influence.

I intend to learn more about this product myself, I encourage you to do so as well!

Thanks to the SCRUG sponsers:
Chuck with Autodesk

Thanks also to LPA for hosting and Jay and Miguel for keeping SCRUG running!

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