Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Schedule Data Entry - Bug? Wierd?

Lately I've been seeing a recurring issue that could probably fit under or in my Dept. of Subtle. I need a bit more evidence to be sure it is a bug, though my "gut" says it is.

While editing a schedule and clicking in a field to type something I find that occasionally Revit won't let me enter anything. I've seen this on student computers at several offices and it happened again to me today on my new Laptop. The computer brand and configurations have been all over the map so I don't think it is a specific computer hardware sort of problem, though I thought so at first.

In order to resolve it I find that I must use the "Home" or "End" key to force Revit to move the cursor "into" the field. When I do that all is well for some period of time. It happened twice in one day but then not again. Wierd, strange...odd. I say all three.

If I get any more corroboration it would be useful to get some support requests looking at it.


Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

Interesting one this as I'm sure I've discovered something of a similar nature in a previous version of Revit.

Another bug/issue which has hit me a couple of times recently and I have managed to repeat it on a few students computers; is if you place a colour scheme and decide to amend the colours. Select the colour scheme from the view and choose a pantone colour, then exit out. Now try to use the keyboard!!! Trying editing some text? You will find that Revit seems to disable the keyboard!!! If you fire up MS word and hit the keyboard a few time, the keyboard functionality will return. I'd be interested to see if you can repeat the issue. I haven't reported the issue, because I thought it originally related to my laptop.

Anonymous said...

Ironic to see your post today, I had this happen to me just last week in the middle of a crunch deadline. My glitch was slightly different, I didn't notice if I was actually locked out of the input tab or not, but I could not type anything to input any values as if I wasn't in the field, just as you described. However, and this is the really quirky part, I could window-select text from my other screen or an adjacent window with my mouse and use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to input the text...? I have seen what you described from time to time, but always used to chalk it up to giant computer-crushing file size and overly complicated linked project files eating up all available memory and crashing everything, but maybe not so, eh?

Steve said...

Thanks for the just happened again last night! Still haven't figured what triggers it.

Steve said...

Oh and it wasn't a was just entering a value in a dialog field.

Anonymous said...

There is a thread on AUGI related to keyboard freezing and using Pantones. It was suggested there that it is caused by a driver conflict with Outlook. Very curious, and possible. The fix apparently is, within Revit, when it freezes, hit your F key. Next time it happens, I plan on giving that a run.