Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scope Boxes - Redux - Part Two

Last night I read a post by Jay B. Zallan regarding scope boxes plus I just went through this subject with a few folks yesterday.

All of which reminded me that I wrote something ages ago while I was working at WATG. The pdf's are shared in the AUGI Tutorials forum (have to login to download them).

Here's the preface of the pdf:

The purpose of a Scope Box is to limit visibility of datum to a specific portion of your project.

Scope Boxes actually go a little further by:

• Automatically controlling the extents of a view’s crop region and orienting the crop region to be aligned with the scope box boundary.
• Automatically and globally affecting the length of “their” levels, grids and reference lines when the scope box boundary is changed.
• Effecting change vertically as well as horizontally (you can isolate specific floors or areas within a bldg)
• Hiding annotation for other related views (Sections/Elevations) if the cut plane of that view is not within or does not cross the scope box for that view.

Three concepts apply to scope boxes: (Also see the Sample Scope Box project file)
• Creating a Scope box
• Applying a Scope box to datum and views
• Controlling the visibility of Scope Boxes

I too really like using them to manage a consistent cropped boundary for multiple floor plan views.

If you'd like to download the pdfs and example project now:
Scope Boxes (276kb)
Scope Boxes Example (350kb)
Scope Box Example Project 2009 version (2.8mb)

Note: These were written while I was employed by WATG so attribution goes to them.


GeoffB said...

An oldie but very useful for noobs like me. Any way I can get the project file? Thanks.

Steve said...

If I can find it I will make it available.

GeoffB said...

Thanks for hunting down the file. Very useful.