Monday, June 16, 2008

Must Read List: 2009 Help File

If you are like me you've been slowly digging into the new Help documentation for Revit 2009 "ASMEP"? Then you have already noticed that a lot of effort has been applied to it. In some areas a complete rewrite (family editor for example) and in others some serious sanding and polish. If you aren't like me, don't worry about that...just make sure you do check it out!

Overall I find it much better. I'm not sure it is really possible to make it perfect or perhaps even great (for everyone). If it were then we wouldn't need books? Naturally incorporating more short tutorial videos is a recurring wishlist item. With the consistent use of them on Kyle's blog I imagine we'll see the addition of such effort in the future.

To the unsung documentation are now sung! You've got my thanks! Keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Steve. We have recently been putting a lot of effort inot the help and tutorial files. We hope to continute to improve them and make them much more worth while. They may never be the first resource people go to but maybe we can move up from the status of "last resort". ;-)

Jeff Hanson
Autodesk Inc.

From the "un-sung" documentation team.