Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Phil Read joins HNTB

Phil Read recently announced, in a thread at AUGI, that he has joined HNTB. This may come as a surprise because for several years he has been a very public "face" of Revit for Autodesk as a speaker at Autodesk University and as a highly sought after consultant for Autodesk Consulting.

As a consultant, I can relate to the tug of doing "real" work versus helping others with their "real" work. There is satisfaction in both but the grass always seems greener "over there". In the past I had the pleasure of working with HNTB as a member of Autodesk's consulting team and I can attest to the lure of very interesting and complex projects.

I'm certain HNTB considers themselves very fortunate to have lured him out of the consulting life. I'm taking this moment to add to the others who have congratulated him on his new "life"! Cheers and as he often writes..."All the best!" See you at AU!

He also has started a blog...finally...been bugging him to for three years...it is called Architechure.

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Anonymous said...

Thank Steve for the news. Your blog is one of my "must have" blog for Revit news. ~ Grace Singapore