Friday, June 20, 2008

Egress Example - Update

This single little contribution of mine to the Revit community has been the most continuously requested thing I've done. Something so seemingly simple borne out of a fellow user's request.

I'm glad that this has been useful to so many. Now I've updated it for 2009 and added another tag as well as a "schedule as tag" approach to displaying the total length at the end of a path. You can now download it freely instead of having to email me to get it! Happy Exiting!

Egress Path for Revit 2009
Egress Path for Revit 2008

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Brian Renehan said...

This is a great little family.


Steve said...

Glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Steve, Thanks for this. I love being able to open it up and see how brilliant you are. I've used yours as a template for a weeping tile family. But I can't figure out how you would then draw it in your project. I can find it in the PB under families/generic models but how do I draw it?
Thanks again!


Steve said...

I'd need a little more info on where you need to "draw" it and how you'd "like" it to work.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to just draw it in plan as linework (like you have yours). I've already created the profile and exrusion and all the linework but can't figure out how to apply my generic model on plan.
Does that help?
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I believe I have found it! By choosing "component" and then my Weeping tile, it was defaulting to apply by face and not apply to workplane. Thanks Steve! It's always something right in front of you!


Anonymous said...

The family works great! How would I go about drawing a curve or arc? Is it because I have added the length param.? Thanks again!

Steve said...

I haven't created a version that supports a curve segment but I've got one in the works. I'll post when it is ready.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve. Happy New Year.
Its 5 below in St Paul right now. High of -6 tomorrow. Ready to come back?

I'm finally getting around to implement your Egress Path family. (Yes, I've finally convinced my Code guy that it's a good thing)

One question: Since its created with Model Lines, it shows up in all Views. I see you've got a sub-category to turn the Lines off, but I can't turn the Dots and Arrowheads off. They are Generic Annotations/Filled Regions and apparently, the only way you can turn them off is to turn ALL Generic Annotations off. There's no way to put the Filled Region in a Sub-category.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I agree with Dave Plumbs post. Your family works great, but it really needs to only show up (in my opinion) in the view you are putting it in. On large projects where you have a few hundred unique views, and many of these a floor plan views that show different information, it can make it a little daunting of a task to have to make sure that these are turned off in every view, and we don't want to have to manually go in and turn off the head and tail lines to get rid of the filled region. Do you have any other ideas for a solution to this?

Steve said...

Hi guys!

Do I have to do everything??!! haha!

Well a few things come to mind that probably have to you too? Some combination of the following.

Use a symbolic line instead

Visibility setting for the nested annotation to Fine only. Override the category in the view for generic annotation to use fine in your life safety views.


Fwiw...this family was a "proof of concept" a long time ago and it has morphed into a real thing...literally taken on a life of its own!

Hope these thought help!

Steve said...

oops...symbolic line won't really help and the detail level can't be overridden for a generic annotation, my bad!

Filters and worksets are probably the best option. Make a Life Safety work set and make it not visible by default in all views so that you can turn it on in one or a couple views.

Filters and view templates could resolve it too but a little less efficiently.

As for something else I'll have to mull it over for awhile.

Anonymous said...

This is great tool. one question though... How do i turn off the dots and arrows at the ends of the path in views where they aren't used (other than using Hide Element/Category). I can turn off the path and "guy" in Visibility Graphics but can't find the dot/arrow.