Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dept. of Subtle - Dimension Overrides and Openings

Hiroshi Jacobs shared this with me today. He came across it and thought I'd find it interesting. I did and do and figured I might as well share it and let him be my guest writer today! You may be familiar with Hiroshi already, or at least the little Revit site he started with his brother...you've heard of RevitCity right? He currently works as a designer with RTKL.

Here is what he wrote:

If you dimension both sides of an opening family (door, window, etc.) it won’t let you append a text value above or below the dimension:

Notice the 4’-0” grayed out in the below box? Well that is the height of the window being dimensioned… There is a checkbox parameter in the dimension style type properties which allows you to show the height of the opening family in the dimension string.

That’s cool, but what if I don’t want to show the height, I want to add “R.O.” below the dimension string – I can’t unless I dimension to something other than both sides of the window.

Thanks for the info Hiroshi!

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