Friday, February 05, 2016

Revit MEP - Silly Revit - We Don't use those Pipe or Duct Sizes

If you don't take the time to fine tune your project templates then you'll find Revit will offer you all kinds of pipe and duct sizes. These are available in the drop down lists during placement and then later if you run Duct/Pipe Sizing.

If you don't take the time to fine tune your template you'll find Revit gives you a duct size of 11" after completing its Duct Sizing, regardless of the fact you only choose from even sizes. It's easy to blame silly Revit...but it's our fault. The Duct and Pipe Sizes are controlled via Mechanical Settings, the duct sizes for Rectangular are shown below.

We need to either delete sizes we never want or just un-check them in either column or both, Set it and forget it.

Oh, the same is true of conduit and cable tray.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Group Exclude Element and Rooms

We can use the Exclude Element feature on the parts of the model we assign to groups, like this for example (a workstation with chairs).

We can also include rooms in groups. Just be careful if you use Exclude Element on the room(s). If you do you'll see a hint of a room when you pre-select (highlight) the group but you won't find it among the rooms in a room schedule...because it/they is/are excluded.

A potential gotcha for users.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Revit Extension and the Big Pause

I've noticed that when I start sketching walls in a new project that at the third segment Revit decides it needs to PAUSE before continuing. It seems it has something to do with having Revit Extensions installed. It thinks needs to add some parameters and interrupts my sketching to do that. Bill (Mr. BIM Thoughts) helped point me toward this bugger the other day when were discussing a few workstations that were pausing to install/update the extension...much worse pause.

If you experience this too...might be the same situation for you.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Revit Version Build Update and Service Pack Naming

Bill (Mr. BIM Thoughts) shared this subtle bugger with me the other day.

Oooh boy... so Revit 2016 R2 is called Update3 behind the scenes if you look at the Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > View Installed Updates and Revit 2016 R2's update is called Update 1 for R2...

Phew...just when I think I understand the naming...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Worksharing - Loading Content Part 2

In my previous post I recommended a point person be assigned to manage the loading of content for a team. That might sound like a beauracratic minded recommendation. Not me at all. It is more a matter of self preservation, wishing to avoid having to fix the resulting duplication before it becomes a bigger problem. As such there is a another minor measure we can take to help catch the issue when it occurs and fix it.

Always use Synchronize with Central (SwC) immediately after loading new families or types (or duplicating system family types). Don't place any instances.

If we can't get a single person to manage this loading then using SwC immediately afterward will increase the odds that a warning message will appear as soon as the transaction is completed. This does assume that we all develop this habit. If the warning appears than we need to examine the new family(ies) and or type(s) in the Project Browser and resolve the issue.

The goal is to avoid creating the duplicates and even more importantly using them in the project.