Monday, September 15, 2014

RTC in Asia

This is a repost of Wesley's at the RTC Blog, please pass the word along to your friends, co-workers and fellow Revit/BIM people, thanks!

RTC is coming to Asia!

We are now in the early planning stages for our first event in Asia, expected to be held in October or November next year (2015). As with the other regions where we have introduced RTC events, we have listened to the comments and queries of delegates and RTC Community members that have been increasingly vocal in their desire to see this event in Asia, and at the same time we have been watching with great interest the development of some of the government initiatives in the region such as the Singapore Government’s Construction Productivity and Capability Fund and the 5 year BIM roadmap.

Then again, it’s also a great excuse to do a trip around some pretty amazing cities…

In order to take this process beyond “That would be cool” and “lots of people have asked” and “it’s a really big community” we need to do research on what this might mean to people in the region. We remain an event run by users, and our primary focus is as always the question of what would best serve the community. When we introduced RTC into North America, very little changed about the style and methodology with which we ran the event. In Europe, we recognised that there were bigger cultural, social and political dynamics to consider, not to mention the question of a region with a number of languages. This led to some changes in the format of the event which, while hopefully quite subtle from a delegate point of view, are nevertheless identifiable as unique to Europe. An Asian RTC event introduces a cultural and social difference greater again than that in Europe, with a far broader range of languages as well. To us, this is exciting, and the challenge is one that we relish as part of the energy that RTC is all about.

...but it means we need your help…

We might recognise that there are differences in theory, but what does this mean in practice? How do we tweak the way that RTC runs elsewhere to best suit the needs of the Asian BIM community? What are the topics that are most urgent, and most interesting? There are many questions that need to be addressed, and we would like to address them to you, and solicit YOUR answers.

To that end, Heidi Lam and Wesley Benn will be travelling through Asia during September and early October to host a series of information nights where we can introduce ourselves and hear your feedback on those questions. This trip will encompass Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore and details of when and where the information nights are being held can be found at the RTC Asia Web Site . These information evenings are free to attend, and form an important part of ensuring that RTC Asia becomes what you want it to be, so please do come along and join in the conversation.

Finally, it would also be great if you all could spread the word about these events so that we can ensure that as wide a pool of community members hear about it as possible. If you do sign up to join us on the night, please consider also sending the link on to others. The more that contribute to the conversation, the better the outcome.

We are all enormously excited here about the prospect of our first Asian event, and we look forward to seeing many of you at the information nights as well as next year at the first Asian RTC!

Wesley Benn
Executive Chairman
RTC Events Management

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ugh Schedule Bug Revit 2014 and 2015 and Hotfix

Reading through a thread at RFO this morning brought some unpleasantness to my attention. The usual suspects there have been working with Autodesk to identify the issue and then a reply mentions that Autodesk is working on a Hotfix for both 2014 and 2015 to reconcile it.

Short story: Multi-Category schedules that are intended to include elements in linked files may not be report everything or anything correctly.

Link to a Hotfix (right-click Save As)
Link to READme

Thanks to the RFO gang for the heads up!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Autodesk M&E 3DS MAX Gunslinger Summit - Montreal

This post is to help spread awareness of an opportunity to be part of a Gunslingers event on behalf of the 3DS Max development team. I apologize if you've already read about it on another blog.

3DS Max Development Team writes:
Autodesk M&E 3ds Max Gunslinger summit is a design-focused participatory event in Montreal (Canada) between our users and members of the Autodesk 3ds Max product management, development and design teams. The event is comprised of a series of workshops, design reviews, validation discussions, design charrettes, and more.

We are looking to locate people who would be interested or available in attending. The Gunslinger is by invitation only as we can only accommodate so many, and other than travel, all shuttles, hotel, and meals are included by Autodesk. The meeting will be 4 days, Sept 16-19. It is an opportunity to meet our team and influence tools that could help you improve the way you communicate your designs.

3ds Max and 3ds Max Design tools and technology have been used by visualization experts to tell the story of a design in dynamic presentations and won many awards in the entertainment industry. Clients consistently respond to exploring their project or product in context, within their existing surroundings and bustling with life. They, and other stakeholders, also find that video helps them understand complex information about the design. This could be anything from construction logistics, complex function (such as a sliding roof), the impact of design options, or visualization of traffic, weather, stress, airflow and energy. Cinematic storytelling techniques can convincingly evoke emotions and convey these messages with style. Unfortunately, in the past, you’d need a large budget to deliver presentations that include these elements. There are many ways to solve these issues but your feedback is essential. This is why we’d like to meet with you in person.

If you are interested in the Gunslinger please let us know by completing A SHORT SURVEY. We will then be reviewing the submissions for selecting users but if you are unable to attend this specific Gunslinger but are interested in future events please do fill out the survey.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Specify Worksets and Save

We can preset the preference to use the Specify option when we open a project that has enabled Worksets. This option appears when we click the small arrow next to Open in the Open Dialog, which only works when we select a file with Worksets enabled.

This preference is controlled by a parameter called Open Workset default. It is only available to us within the Save As dialog, via the Options... button.

There is a subtle difference between enabling worksets in a file that has not been saved yet and one that has. If we enable worksets in a project that has already been saved, at least once before, we won't get a chance to change the setting if we just click Save. However if we use Save As we get the dialog that offers us the Options... button. The setting Open Workset default is not enabled unless the file is already using worksets.

This means it probably easiest to ensure that Specify is selected if we start a project and enable worksets before saving the file the first time. That might be easier said than done. If the file is already in progress and we need to enable Worksets we just need to use Save As instead, reusing the original file name if necessary.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ribbon Panel Titles are Missing

The ribbon User Interface will let us turn off the ribbon's panel titles. I've never bothered to do this and today I was asked why a user's ribbon was missing them. I blanked...uh, um, graphics driver issue? While I was trying to make my brain work, he decided to right-click and saw this...

Add another troubleshooting saying to add to our collection, "When in doubt right click"!