Thursday, April 04, 2024

Revit 2025 Some Keyboard Shortcuts Missing

Revit 2025 has been released and I installed it this morning. I replied to a question at Autodesk Revit's user forum regarding a missing keyboard shortcut to apply halftone to a selected element. I ordinarily would not consider overriding a single element to get a halftone appearance so the question caught my eye as least for me. I assumed the missing command was for the right click options to override elements in view.

I find that Revit 2024 (and 2023,22 & 20) have multiple keyboard shortcuts for overrides (see image comparing 2025 with 2024).

One difference between my installation of 2025 and the other versions is that pyRevit is not installed for 2025. I disabled pyRevit for 2024 and the shortcuts are still there. No "path" is displayed for them either, which is "weird".

Is it an oversight or did they change something under the hood that prevents allowing for hotkey access to the command? Perhaps they could see that the shortcut was rarely used so it was decided to abandon it?

Regardless, there is at least one Revit user in the Autodesk Forum's that misses it and noticed right away!

Edit 04/05/2024 - Trey at Autodesk replied that they'll work to get them back in as soon as they can.


Anonymous said...

I use this keyboard shortcut all the time. Particularly when I want to quickly create some depth in a section or elevation, but I don't want the blurry washed out rasterized view you get with depth cuing.

Reed said...

This is very interesting. Did they ever reply back on your question about why it is no longer there, or if it is an oversight?

Steve said...

Trey at Autodesk replied that in their effort to cleanup some commands that were no longer referenced they removed them too. He said they'll get them back in as soon as they can.

Wes Macaulay said...

Oh wow - losing those overrides is not cool! Hopefully Autodesk will get 'em back in there.

Jak said...

I also used this a LOT. Best work around to avoid clicking through graphic overrides?