Saturday, March 30, 2013

What is Revit and BIM Resource

Alex Gore and his firm F9 Productions have created, as part of their company website, a resource for people that are just getting started with Revit and BIM or those who are still trying to decide what to do.

The site offers these items of interest:

  • A brief description of important modeling concepts
  • A PDF example of a complete Construction Documentation set
  • The Revit file of the above mentioned PDF
  • A 2012 Revit Residential Template to start your own creations
  • Links to tutorials for further help

A skeptic might read this and regard it as purely a marketing move. Alex's primary motive is to share the wealth with the community so to speak. For example a frequent question or concern people have is being able to see a completed set of documents. This is based on their fear, uncertainty or doubt that another software application, that is so intrinsically tied to how they make money, will truly be able to do what they need to do. So at the very least being able to examine their sample project and set may be useful, and if it is then the rest is "gravy". Have a look, see if you find something useful.

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Alex Gore said...

Steve like you said some people might be skeptical, and rightly so. I wrote this initially to my highschool drafting teacher who is now moving her students into Revit. Then I busted my leg playing basketball, so I had some down time, and decided to put it all on the web instead of just an email. Hope it helps.