Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rotate with Component

This little setting is meant to force a tag to rotate with the tagged element, meaning to maintain the alignment.

The easiest example is beam or wall tags following their parent.

These categories respond to Rotate with Component:
Walls, Curtain Walls, Doors, Windows, Railings, Ramps, Stairs (Runs, Landings and Supports), Structural (Framing, Braces and Trusses), Property Boundary, Property Line Segments, Planting, and Parking.

These categories are immune to Rotate with Component:
Foundations, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs, Furniture, Furniture Systems, Casework, Generic Models, Structural Columns, Detail Components, Massing, Mass Floors, Curtain Panels, and Specialty Equipment.

Breaking loose from "Revity rules" the space, room and area tags are allowed to rotate more easily by choosing Vertical, Horizontal or Model, for each tag we use. The Model option allows us to use the Rotate tool to rotate them freely, which would be quite nice for any tag.

Architectural Columns, Shaft Openings remain immune to tagging by category at all.

That seems like a long list but that doesn't even factor in MEP components. Perhaps I'll tackle that another night.


Alfredo Medina said...

Thanks, Steve. It's very good to have a list of when this ambiguous setting works or not. Same could be said of "keep readable".

Mohamed Abdou said...

so please I'm trying to place a Tag for structural Steel column but the option horizontal or vertical is not responding in the section cut view, any help ??