Friday, August 28, 2015

Save Icon Diskette

This is just one of those things that runs through my head as I use and teach others to use Revit. We've been using this icon for Save in most if not all of our software for a long time.

When was the last time we really used one? Does your computer even allow for its use now?

If that's so 1980-90's then what icon would be better for Save these days? A life preserver? I know one product that uses it now, a product called Workspace from Union Square. It looks a bit like these.

If the icon was a $ would people use it more?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Options Bar - Common Overlooked Options

The Options Bar is a part of the Revit user interface that is important but easily overlooked too. You can read through these selected examples but the moral of my story is "pay attention to the Options Bar".

Also keep in mind that, in general, it is possible to take advantage of the SHIFT and/or CTRL keys to interact with different Options. For example, when the Copy option is present, holding down CTRL will toggle Copy off. When using the Move or Copy tool holding SHIFT down will toggle on the Constrain option to limit motion to X or Y directions only.

For example, using the Mirror Tool the default option is to create a copy of the selected elements as well as mirroring them so the originals stay in place. Do you want Mirror/move instead? Uncheck Copy (or press/hold CTRL).

A similar option exists for the Offset tool.

Using the Move tool people routinely overlook the Multiple option. It makes it easy to continue copying the element(s) to more locations. Press hold SHIFT and Constrain is toggled on.

A similar option exists for the Align Tool. Press/hold CTRL and it toggles on Multiple Alignment.

Using the Rotate tool? It is also possible to copy the selected element during the rotation...just check the Options Bar.

When people use the Array tool they often also create the parametric relationship between the array elements, which is cool but often not necessary. Uncheck the Group and Associate option first.

Using the Split tool we often overlook the Delete Inner Segment option. Using the option makes it easier to split/trim walls to other walls.

When we place columns it is easy to overlook the option that determines whether the column is placed based on Depth or Height. That's a common cause for columns that don't show up when we place them and the annoying error message telling us we can't see them.

Using the Roof tool we can decide whether each sketch segment should be sloped or not, just remember to un-check the Defines Slope option.

Using the Room tool it is easy to forget that we can choose to place any rooms that have not been placed already...from the Options Bar naturally.

When applying dimensions don't forget that we can decide which part of walls Revit should prefer to make it easier to place them.

Have a favorite forgotten option?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Filter Dialog and the More Parameters Button

A small part of a recent exchange at RFO prompts this post.

There is a sneaky button next to the Filter Rules drop down list box. If you click on it (the button with the ellipsis ... ) it will open the Project Parameters dialog. Using it implies or suggests that choosing a parameter from the list, if any are there, will assign the parameter to Filter by. It doesn't do that. It is side door access to creating a Project Parameter. A side door because it allows us to do that without bailing out of the Filter dialog first to do it.

Clicking on the button is the same as choosing the More Parameters option at the very bottom of the list of parameters.

It might be a little more obvious if it said Create Parameter instead?

Oh so subtle...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Windows 10 and Revit 2013 UI Glitch

I know it is a bit unfair to suggest or expect that 2013 should support Windows 10. With that in mind I offer this as something to watch out for if you must use 2013 and Win10. I needed to work on a family that must stay in that version so I installed 2013 yesterday. I thought I was successfully past it but it keeps dragging me back in.

As soon as I got started working I noticed that the Title Bar of the UI is missing the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and the Help/Info Bar.

Then I noticed that hovering over where they should be caused tooltips to appear. They ARE there but just not visible. I was able to get the QAT below the ribbon by hovering and clicking carefully where that button should be. I don't really need the Info Bar that often so I should be okay for now, plus I know the buttons are there, just bashful.

Via a Twitter reply and @mark_labell_jr He suggests a Windows theme hack described HERE. It worked for me.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Reference Plane Wishes

Three wishes have I, wishes three... (for now)
  • Reference Plane Types (control over how they appear and can be used)
  • Split Tool works on them
  • Trim tool works on them
Okay four...
  • Filters can be used on them (for similar reasons to types)