Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Area Schemes

Revit provides two default Area Schemes in the stock (Imperial) templates;Gross Building (can't be deleted) and Rentable. When we want to create an Area Plan view Revit expects us to choose a scheme. The additional scheme in the following image is one I created (Retail Zones).

What isn't obvious, without a little digging, is that we can create more schemes. This is important because it does no good to attempt to reuse an existing scheme for additional plan views. They remain biased toward displaying whatever boundaries we've created already. Creating more area schemes begins here Architecture ribbon tab > Room & Area panel drop down > Area and Volume Computations > Area Schemes Tab.

Once you've made it here you can create new or delete existing area schemes. As mentioned earlier Revit's locked down the Gross Building scheme.

Now you can return to creating a new Area Plan view and choose from among the new schemes you've created. If you intend to use a Color Fill Legend you also need to make sure you create a new legend type for your new area scheme.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Active Workset Display does not Refresh

I added new worksets to a Local File and used Synchronize with Central to share the change with others. The Active Workset lists on the ribbon and Status Bar did not update in other user's files after they used Reload Latest or Synchronize with Central. It was necessary to open the Workset dialog and just click OK before the new worksets would appear in either the ribbon or Status Bar Active Workset locations. The Active Workset list doesn't seem interested in being updated until the Workset dialog is opened. The list of Worksets that is offered in the Properties Palette when you select something is updated however.

I see it happening in both 2014/2015, haven't tried it in earlier releases.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Deleting a Workset and Open Worksets

We can delete a workset. Revit will let us either delete the elements assigned to it or reassign them all to a different workset. I'd say that generally it is a bad idea to choose Delete. Go slow, take care, think twice. Don't find yourself saying, "I've cut it twice and it is still too short."

When choosing another workset remember the other workset has to be OPEN to be able to select it from the list! If you are using an older version of Revit don't do THIS!

Friday, July 04, 2014

Revit and Satch

The other day I mentioned that I generally include at least a few tracks of Joe Satriani's music in a playlist for walk-in music at conferences. I find his music is particularly conducive to spending hours pecking away at a project and Revit. I've been up late working on something just a little longer so I can hear one more tune.

I generally just let his albums play through without concerning myself about assembling them or any particular tracks into any coherent order. I recently decided to create a Spotify playlist that assembled some of my favorites, a time to crank some Revit list. My short list ended up with 24 tracks spanning 15 albums (2 hours worth of material written over almost 20 years), at least one track from each album.

For the most part they all groove, drive forward without too much quiet time or lulls. There are lots of tracks to choose from for that too but for working...driving, grooving works best for me.

Speaking of driving. When I visit clients in San Diego or Los Angeles that means at least a couple of quality hours in the car (or train) for music. There are some tracks that I've listened to together long enough that they don't sound finished unless they play together no matter the situation.

It's kind of like what radio did with Journey's two hit songs Feeling That Way and Anytime or Jackson Browne's Load Out and Stay. They played them together so often that it's like they are really one song. I think DJ's called that grouping "bathroom breaks", combined they played long enough to let them sneak away without the fear of dead air. In this list I purposely didn't put them next to each other just to see if I could cope.

Check out Satch!

Whadya think?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Worksharing and Windows Operating Systems

Subtle bit of information shared via AUGI thread and member Meng005.

Autodesk response regarding a query asking about mixing version of Windows (64 bit and 32 bit):
When accessing workshared files from a shared Windows directory not utilizing Revit Server, it is important that all clients are using the same version of Windows, and thus the same version of SMB (Server Message Block). This is not the case when saving to Revit Server as the communication to the server does not use SMB. The client version of Windows, either Windows 7 or 8, is not critical when Revit Server is used.
It's fairly common knowledge that we should be careful to make sure that all Revit users (at a minimum that are contributing to the same Revit project files) have the same Revit build installed. Less obvious or common is the tip that they should also be using the same version of Windows!

Thanks for sharing Meng005!