Thursday, February 04, 2016

Group Exclude Element and Rooms

We can use the Exclude Element feature on the parts of the model we assign to groups, like this for example (a workstation with chairs).

We can also include rooms in groups. Just be careful if you use Exclude Element on the room(s). If you do you'll see a hint of a room when you pre-select (highlight) the group but you won't find it among the rooms in a room schedule...because it/they is/are excluded.

A potential gotcha for users.


Michael Ruehr said...

Steve, I would argue Rooms should never be part of a Group in the first place
otherwise, you will have a few surprises with you room names
When grouping the only parameter that stays instance is "number".

Valkin said...

I would disagree about the never part. If you have groups that are rooms it would only be for the beginning part of a project when you are trying to quickly layout similar spaces. Once the initial layout is done I would say that the rooms should be ungrouped to avoid room name issues.

Unknown said...

Ditto on avoiding rooms in groups. However, it is possible if firms are so inclined, to replace all of the Room parameters with custom ones. Those can be set by instance within groups like OOTB Room Numbers.