Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Revit Extension and the Big Pause

I've noticed that when I start sketching walls in a new project that at the third segment Revit decides it needs to PAUSE before continuing. It seems it has something to do with having Revit Extensions installed. It thinks needs to add some parameters and interrupts my sketching to do that. Bill (Mr. BIM Thoughts) helped point me toward this bugger the other day when were discussing a few workstations that were pausing to install/update the extension...much worse pause.

If you experience this too...might be the same situation for you.


Nick said...

I believe the issue with Revit Extensions is related to the Instant Updater in that Add-in (as it is tracking the walls while you are sketching them). In our office, previous versions of this add-in would actually crash Revit. So, sadly, I had to just uninstall this on all of our computers.

phil-osophyinBIM said...

Revit extension (aka REX) has caused us all kinds of troubles and we finally stop deploying it to the users computer.