Friday, February 19, 2016

Keyboard Shortcut and View Template Conflict

It is obvious when you think about it but when you are trying to use a keyboard shortcut and it doesn't work you might be tempted to think, "That's strange it used to work?!". Off we go to check our keyboard shortcut settings...then..."OH, the view has a View Template assigned to it!"

When a View Template is Assigned to a view, via the view's properties (yes, that's different from applying a view template), the template blocks our access to those settings it is in charge of. When we open Visibility/Graphics we see the categories are disabled (gray). Any keyboard shortcut we attempt to use that involves one of those settings is likewise affected.

In my case tonight I was trying to use keyboard shortcut VH (Hide in View > Category) but nothing happened. Yes, it was just a View Template being bossy. Had me going for a second...

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