Thursday, August 27, 2015

Options Bar - Common Overlooked Options

The Options Bar is a part of the Revit user interface that is important but easily overlooked too. You can read through these selected examples but the moral of my story is "pay attention to the Options Bar".

Also keep in mind that, in general, it is possible to take advantage of the SHIFT and/or CTRL keys to interact with different Options. For example, when the Copy option is present, holding down CTRL will toggle Copy off. When using the Move or Copy tool holding SHIFT down will toggle on the Constrain option to limit motion to X or Y directions only.

For example, using the Mirror Tool the default option is to create a copy of the selected elements as well as mirroring them so the originals stay in place. Do you want Mirror/move instead? Uncheck Copy (or press/hold CTRL).

A similar option exists for the Offset tool.

Using the Move tool people routinely overlook the Multiple option. It makes it easy to continue copying the element(s) to more locations. Press hold SHIFT and Constrain is toggled on.

A similar option exists for the Align Tool. Press/hold CTRL and it toggles on Multiple Alignment.

Using the Rotate tool? It is also possible to copy the selected element during the rotation...just check the Options Bar.

When people use the Array tool they often also create the parametric relationship between the array elements, which is cool but often not necessary. Uncheck the Group and Associate option first.

Using the Split tool we often overlook the Delete Inner Segment option. Using the option makes it easier to split/trim walls to other walls.

When we place columns it is easy to overlook the option that determines whether the column is placed based on Depth or Height. That's a common cause for columns that don't show up when we place them and the annoying error message telling us we can't see them.

Using the Roof tool we can decide whether each sketch segment should be sloped or not, just remember to un-check the Defines Slope option.

Using the Room tool it is easy to forget that we can choose to place any rooms that have not been placed already...from the Options Bar naturally.

When applying dimensions don't forget that we can decide which part of walls Revit should prefer to make it easier to place them.

Have a favorite forgotten option?


DT said...

My favourite overlooked options bar tool is 'Detach All'. When you want to detach a wall from an object above or below, Revit doesn't highlight which element it is actually attached too. It may not even be directly above or below it! By selecting the wall and clicking detach top/base from the contextual ribbon, 'Detach All' in the options bar becomes available and is great for gaining control of your wall constraints again!

Eduardo M.I. said...

About pressing and holding Ctrl to toggle copy, why on earth are these things kept secret? After reading this I went to Revit's help to re-read the offset tool and this is what I found:
"If you want to create and offset copies of the selected element, select Copy on the Options Bar. (If you selected Graphical in the previous step, pressing Ctrl as you move the cursor has the same effect.)"
As you can see help mentions the Ctrl key option IF YOU SELECTED GRAPHICAL OFFSET. However you're absolutely right in this post, it also works if you define a NUMERICAL offset.
Well thanks a lot for sharing these hidden-keyboard shortcuts. I love to use them, it's always speedier than dragging the mouse around.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried to press & hold the shift and the ctrl keys togeather?
You get a +/- at your cursor.
It allows you to add or subtract from your selection set within the same command.
If an item was selected, it will be deselected. If an item was not selected, it will be added to the selection set.