Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Local File Error on Open

Have you run into this error message before?

One possible reason is that the folder you are storing local files is running out of allowable space. A folder can have restrictions placed on it. If so Revit can't properly create the local file in a folder that has hit its quota.

When we create a new local file we can often avoid this if we use the option to Overwrite the existing local file versus the Append Timestamp option. Chances are there are just a great many older local files hanging around in the folder.


Steve said...

In my context I'm working as "normal" but now this message appears. "Nothing" has changed...except how much space the folder has left.

I'll add another comment about using Overwrite often avoids this error.

Yogesh said...

Hi Steve,

I am across same error few months back.There are two scenarios I found for this error :

1. By mistake user specified wrong path for local file which is not accessible.

2. Under my documents there were number of local files. As user was using time append while creating local file. As u said after emptying my documents local file was created.

Just for testing I am observing one more thing....I had specified local file directly on C. Still I didnt come across such error.