Friday, October 31, 2014

Confirm Acquire Coordinates

I'd like Revit to display a confirmation when I successfully acquire coordinates. It would also be nice if it displayed the coordinate "shift" that occurred in the dialog too. If I failed to select a source then it would be nice if Revit let me know I failed, try try again.


DaveP said...

Along the same lines, I've wished that you could display the Survey Point and/or Project Base Point in Links.
I've never understood why that's not an option.
Seems to me like that's the place you'd most want to see those points. If you could Snap to the Link's PBP and move it to the parent project's PBP, it might make the whole Shared Coordinates thing a whole lot easier. As it is right now, you have to find something physical or a Grid Line - which often don't exist in MEP files.

hoogli said...

Amen! Geeze I keep thinking I'm the nut on this. Doesn't go well with new users when you tell them there is no confirmation or any place to look and see if your done this correct

mgonzalez said...

Absolutely Steve! I always do it a second time because Revit *does* give a dialog stating that "The shared coordinate system of the project you selected is already synchronized with the current project". That sets my mind at ease. It would be nice not to have to do something twice just to be sure it worked though. Love the idea of putting the actual data about the shift in the dialog as well.


troy said...

Our rule is if you acquire shared co-ordinates and check the current 'north' value it will be a number other than 0. I'm yet to have a building that points perfectly north.