Friday, September 19, 2014

Echo David Light - Autodesk Revit 2015 R2 Info

This is an echo of what I read on David Light's blog this morning. He's working with Autodesk now and it clarifies which version of the latest release you need to use according to the type of licensing you are using, thanks David!

David writes:
I got some useful information from our Enterprise Support team which I want to share. Its certainly worth being aware of this….
  • Autodesk are pleased to announce new Update releases for Revit 2015.The following files will be available for download via the Autodesk Application manager: 2015 R2 (includes UR4 and the latest Hotfix) - Subscription Advantage Pack customers
  • 2015 UR4 for regular customers where the license registration is not tied to a subscription contract
Please Note: You have to choose from either 2015 R2 or 2015 UR4 as they cannot be installed alongside each other. If Revit 2015 has not been registered , then you will not be presented with either update.
  • Revit 2015 R2 w/ ENU docs - is available via the Subscription Center under downloads
By 6pm EST, September 19th:
  • Revit 2015 UR4 w/ ENU docs - will be available for download via AKN (.com). All remaining languages for download via Application Manager, documents in Subscription Center and AKN, will be published within the following week.”


troy said...


Will there be any interoperably issues if we use R2 and other consultants or architects use UR4? I looked online and couldn't find an answer.

Steve said...

If they also patched known issues with this release then I'd say yes, you should make sure a team is using the same build on files they are working on together, especially if worksharing/worksets is involved.

I am not certain that they did patch things with the release but I'd be surprised if they didn't.

Shorter answer, I'd make sure the update is deployed to anyone opening the same files for a project.

troy said...

R2 includes the updates from UR4 (from what I've read). My thought was more related to the Autodesk comment that you cannot uninstall the update, you would need to do a complete reinstall of Revit to change versions.

ie. Using different product versions for different projects could become a nightmare. Hopefully this is not the case.

Steve said...

2015 R2 is web update and the same... After it is installed that's what Revit reports.

I still advise deploying it uniformly, don't leave a member of a team with a previous update if the rest is using the newer version/update.

Steve said...

Sorry... it IS confusing...

There is a Web Update 4, it is deployed as part of 2015 R2. If you are not entitled to 2015 R2 you may still be entitled to Web Update 4.

The manner in which you obtained your copy of Revit, via individual license, part of the Building Design Suite or educational licensing will affect how you decide how to deal with the latest update/release.