Sunday, September 21, 2014

Revit 2015 R2 - MEP Circuit Sequence and Recently Used Panel

New Feature - Circuit Sequence

Somewhat related to yesterday's new electrical feature there is also a new Electrical Setting called Circuit Sequence. There are three choices: Numerical, Group by Phase and Odd then Even (a common request, to fill one side of the panel and then the other).

This helps determine how the next circuit that gets created is assigned to slots in a panel. Subtle but an important addition.

New Feature - Most Recently Used Panel

When we create a new circuit Revit now offers a list of panels on the ribbon, on the System Tools panel. It remembers the Most Recently Used Panel so creating a new circuit and assigning to a panel can be as little as two clicks. One click to select the electrical element and another to click on Power. As long as the correct panel is display in the drop down list box you can move on to another task. As you can see my favorite electrical panel is in the list already.

Subtle stuff makes me grin!

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Unknown said...

It is useless innovations, all of which can be useful only for the United States. And why until now all single-phase loads connected to the panel With part type «Switchboard» only phase A ?! Why multi-phase circuits connected to the panel With part type «Branch Panel» numbered as 1,2,3, I do not use wires, cables I use and I do not care how many wires in my cable, I have one cable, and the number he should be the one!