Monday, March 24, 2014

Revit Worksets Error - Element has been Deleted

David Baldacchino shared an issue with me that he's run into recently.

Here's how he described the issue.

As a standard, we create our central files with the option "Specify" so users are prompted to pick which workset to open/close when creating a local file. If a user is in a local RVT 2013 file AND THEN another user tries to open a detached copy in Revit 2014 to upgrade it (whether doing this directly from the central file or a local file), the Revit 2013 user/s will start getting errors stating that elements were deleted from the central file when they try to edit. They are also locked out of touching anything until the upgrade process finishes. This issue does not happen if the Specify option is not used. This behavior is not expected and undesirable.

Sounds like it can be avoided, if the file needs to be upgraded, by keeping people out of the active project file. I'm not sure I'd want someone to upgrade a project that someone is actively adding new work to with the previous release. Regardless if it occurs it explains why the error message Elements have been deleted appears.


Dave Baldacchino said...

OMG you mispelled my lastname ;)

I ran into this issue while doing test upgrades while the team was still actively working. We do this to get a feel for whether to expect major issues or not. When doing the final upgrade, everyone has to be completely out of the models as you point out.

Steve said...

Nu uh...