Friday, March 21, 2014

Revit MEP Family Wisdom - Shape Handles

Another tip snipped from the Revit Family Editor Tutorial for Revit 2008 as mentioned in the previous post. You can download the PDF copy HERE.

Shape handles are not used for Revit MEP system families but they display by default when you create a new family. If shape handles are not hidden and they are inadvertently dragged during your modeling session, the geometry or placement of the family will be adversely affected. This can create unexpected results, especially for duct fittings. This is because, unlike pipe fittings, duct fittings use formulae that reside in the family rather than in an external lookup table file to determine size.

It is highly recommended that you hide all shape handles for Revit MEP families before using them in a project. To hide the shape handles in a system family, you need to open the family in the Family Editor and specify the Is Reference instance parameter as Not a Reference for all reference lines and all reference planes that are used for that family.

Before on the left / After on the right

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