Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Revit MEP Family Wisdom - Connector Orientation

This is snipped from the Revit Family Editor Tutorial for Revit 2008 as mentioned in yesterday's post. You can download the PDF copy HERE.

Connector rotation is a critical part of connector placement. The connector orientation determines the correct orientation of the objects that are automatically inserted on the part. Although this is not as important for round connectors, it is extremely important for rectangular connectors such as those on rectangular duct fittings. Remember that for rectangular connectors, the rectangular connector must be oriented so that the width is assigned to the face that is on the X and Y axes. The height is not on these axes. If rectangular connectors are not rotated properly, the rectangular duct fitting will be inserted improperly, creating an unexpected result. You may find it easier to rotate connectors in a 3D view, where the part geometry is clearly visible.

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