Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Workset Visibility and Linked Files

In October of 2010 I described a technique we could use to control the worksets in a linked file without having to go through the Visibility/Graphics dialog and the Revit Links tab followed with numerous options for overriding things.

Over the years things change and it appears that is true for this technique now in 2014 (possibly earlier releases). It appears to be better or at least more reliable to decide which worksets to close or open via the Manage Links dialog directly or the right click > Manage Links option when you select a linked file in the Project Browser, like this:

This came about because a member at RFO was describing erratic behavior while trying to use this technique. It would behave as expected when he turned off some other workset's visibility. I found that to be true but less specific about visibility as much as interacting with something local as well as the linked file. Bottom line, I get predictable results if I use the above method instead.

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