Sunday, April 14, 2013

Schedule Column Width

In my griping about schedules in my previous post I mentioned (in an addendum) that we get a new feature in Revit 2014 that provides some measure of control over column width. I decided it worthy of its own mention so here it is.

The Revit 2014 Modify Schedule/Quantities ribbon interface now looks like this.

When you select a column or columns you'll get this Resize button which will bring up a dialog, much like Excel does.

This means we can at least enter a specific value for column width. Yes we can make sure one column is exactly the same as another. We still have to travel from schedule to schedule to make it happen but it is more control.

Btw, bummer... in 2014 we've also lost the ability to "double click" on the vertical column boundary to automatically resize the schedule columns.

If you know you will need several schedules to report information but filtered differently you can save some time if you create the first and then duplicate the schedule, adding filters afterward. In some cases it might be less work to toss out existing schedules and duplicate/filter again than fixing the existing columns across all the schedules. Your mileage may vary


Anonymous said...

Control over column width has little value, purely aesthetic however losing the double-click to auto adjust column width to only what it needs to be instead of trial and error is a big loss. Even worse is losing the ability to minimize the column width of a schedule on the sheet such that it does not display while retaining the column's visibility when editing is a huge loss. Having additional columns that allows you to enter notes or values that affect values of other parameters such as overriding is highly desireable and is now no longer possible. How short sighted of Autodesk! Little do they understand the design process. Now one must create a separate schedule with the columns visible for editing and an identical schedule with the corresponding columns hidden. This creates congestion in an already congested project browser. Furthermore one must now also remember that editing the design schedule with the intent to show on the sheet will not appear on the sheet and if one forgets about it feeling confident that new column with vital info was added on the sheet only to find out later it wasn't. If both schedules must be revised, this doubles the work or delete the sheet schedule, then revise the design schedule, then copy and revise it to be displayed appropriately for the sheet and drag and move into place on the sheet. Again too much unecessary work. Typical of Autodesk, add a bunch of features to the schedules such as vertical merge or insert image in the schedule header, but at the same time remove a bunch of other very useful features. Two steps forward and one step back or in this case 3 steps back. Dumb!!!

Steve said...

Well I happen to really like being able specify exact column widths so I'm grateful for that.

As I wrote in my other post I don't like the new view parity that they changed in 2014 at all.