Friday, April 12, 2013

Fittings Do Not Look Right

A troublesome thread popped up at the other day and DMapes came to the rescue. I haven't encountered this peculiarity before, and now that I know about it it's a bit surprising that I haven't. I guess I've just been lucky.

When you use the Underlay setting in Revit MEP you run the risk of altering the way your pipe fittings (duct fittings too in views using Detail Level: Coarse) scale and/or look. Here's a good and bad side by side.

The pipes on the left are good but those in the view on the right are smaller and halftone, as a result of using the Underlay setting.

Set to None the fittings look correct, but using the same level the fittings are associated with as the underlay equals sadness. It doesn't seem to mind if you use other levels as the underlay though. Careful with your underlay!


Unknown said...

I wish Autodesk would make a global option to turn off those tick marks on the fittings. Right now I just delete them from each family in my template but thats not the best solution becuase a user will load a new fitting and neglect to do this (not really their fault). Thanks for bringing this to our attention

Steve said...

I have been in a few offices that don't like the ticks on fittings either. To me it seems to make it harder to tell what and where fittings actually but that is why we have a symbols and abbreviations sheet I suppose? :)

Jason Peckovitch said...

Thanks for blogging about my issue. I racked my brain on it for the better part of the day only to learn it was a 2 second fix. *shakes head*