Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Language Flexibility

There are a few things that are hardcoded values that we can't do much about. For example the word "Grand Total" at the bottom of a schedule or "As Indicated" for view scale when used as part of a sheet's titleblock. The choice of words, the language used and formatting all  remain out of reach still after all these years. It would be excellent if these were added to project settings so a team could define what these should say. It's all part of refining the product itself and the documentation we produce using it.



This problem is very sensible when, for some reason (if you want to take advantage of the last Revit release available, for example)you are using the english version in a non english country. Then, you must completely eliminate from your schedules and title sheets the foreign legends... and that is a mess.

Anonymous said...

One wish I would have with the "As Indicated" is for every View to have a similar option as the Sheets have "Appears In Sheet List". For View however I would like to have something like "Report Scale To Sheet" where by unchecking it would make a Sheet ignore including its Scale in the Title Block and so allowing me to keep the intelligent management of Revit and work around the "As Indicated". IMHO useful for all Views and a must for Legends.

Eduardo M.I. said...

With the "as indicated" scale issue, when I need it in Spanish to read "Escala indicada" I edit my titleblock and assign visibilty yes/no parameters to the scale label and my spanish text. Feel free to check my procedure here: