Monday, December 17, 2012

Rooms and Synchronization

Have you seen this error message before (images from 2012)?

It is followed by its grumpy brother.

The more complicated the project, the more likely that it uses some sort of linked file strategy. If so then it is pretty likely that Revit will fail to complete a Synchronize with Central (SwC) the first time you try, thus the message.

If you are like me you enter a comment each time (using SwC) for tracking and troubleshooting purposes. It is a pain to get a message telling you your SwC didn't work. It's worse that what you typed is lost. I finally got slightly smarter. I try to remember to copy the comment text to the clipboard before clicking OK. This way I can just paste it back in if/or when the error pops up.

I thought I hit on a sure thing by using Reload Latest before using SwC. It seemed to work for a bit but then it returned anyway. Still haven't pinned down the exact cause in this situation. It would be great if Revit could figure out that it can't resolve a SwC beforehand, probably a catch-22 situation though.


Anonymous said...

If it helps, I’ve included one such example of when this can happen. Typically a combination of interactions with 2 users adding \ deleting related elements:

•UserA: Adds walls > Adds Room Separators > Adds rooms between each separator > Syncs with Central > Closes
•UserB: Deletes Room Separators UserA added > Adds new Room Separators > Adds new rooms between new divisions > OK through each overlapping warning > Syncs with Central > Closes.
•UserA: Adds additional Room Separators > Adds rooms in new divisions > OK through warnings > Syncs with central.
•UserA: Will receive dialog about room errors during sync then will receive the 2nd dialog “The Synchronize with Central operation is incomplete due to problems while reloading the latest elements. The problems have now been resolved. Review the results and synchronize with the central model again."

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

Here's an API solution to make sure your comments aren't lost