Monday, January 07, 2013

Copy Monitor and In Use Element Types

When you edit the Options for Copy/Monitor doesn't give any indication which of the families that show up in the lists are really used. This means you can assign elements unnecessarily.

In some cases it seems somewhat apparent which are used or not. In the first image the Level type actually used has a slightly different options than in the second image, which is the level type not used.

It would be cool if Revit identified the elements and types that are actually in use in the linked file, at least without having to read between the lines.


Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

Here's how to use the API to get this info:


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Are we able to use the Copy/Monitor tool for Architecture & Interiors coordination too. Any pros and cons to that?
I have been reading up on coordination and havent yet come across anyone suggesting copy/monitor for these two disciplines.