Monday, December 03, 2012

Pick New Host for Connectors

I find myself wishing that I could pick a new host for a connector every now and then. It's a bit of a drag when I redesign something (or make a mistake) and have to recreate connectors all over again just because there isn't an equivalent process to define a new host like for other hosted elements. For the programming team it's probably not a particularly hard thing to accomplish, so it's just another subtle thing to add to the list of desirable Revit refinements.

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Bill Knittle, Synergis EDS said...


I've yearned for the connector to behave like all other face-based elements.

So, I've resorted to making Rectangular and Cylindrical face-based Neck families with Width, Height, or Radius parameters. I nest the Neck family into the Host family and drop it on a host-surface. Next, I associate the Width, Height, or Radius parameters of the Neck family to companion parameters in the Host family. Then, I place a Duct or Pipe connector on the top of the Neck. I associate the connector's Width, Height, or Radius parameters to the same companion Host parameters linked to the Necks. That way, they flex together.

This gives me the ability to relocate a Supply Air outlet of an AHU from a bottom connection point to lets say a side connection. I can select the Neck and use "Pick New>Face" to move it. The hosted connector goes along for the ride. Finally, I save the Family as a variant

I did a Tip video on it. About 19 seconds in is my workaround. Tell me what you think?