Friday, February 10, 2012

Visibility Pecking Order

Worth an echo. Ryan at The Revit Clinic wrote a post this morning that lists the order of power, the pecking order, the order in which visibility settings and override tools stack up...who wins when multiple things are applied. Good info, check it out! Here's the need to read his post to get the graphics.

(10 is the lowest and 1 is the highest, using walls as an example)

  1. Line Work Tool
  2. Override Graphics in View > By Element > Halftone
  3. Graphic Display Options – Silhouette Edges
  4. Override Graphics in View > By Element
  5. View Filters
  6. View Depth – “Beyond” Line Style
  7. Phasing Graphic Overrides
  8. Visibility / Graphic Overrides > Override Host Layers > Cut Line Styles
  9. Visibility / Graphic Overrides > Projection \ Cut Lines
  10. Project Object Styles


Unknown said...

Steve, I've come back to this post often on and today may have discovered one more graphic override that shoudl be in this pecking order, and I'm not sure where. It's the override within the system properties, for example exhaust air duct can have it's own color, width, pattern that's different than the ducts as defined in object styles.

Unknown said...

Much to my surprise, today I found that System Overrides are being Overridden by Filters. When did that change?

Steve said...

David - For awhile I think, we needed Filters to deal with changing their color/appearance when those files were linked into other trades. I wrote about that in 4/2015.