Friday, February 03, 2012

Oh Where Art Thou Camera?

I wrote a post in March 2008 about this, still waiting. It would be excellent if in plan we could document where a camera is placed. Sure we can create a family to document where they are but that doesn't provide the automatic view reference that other view annotation enjoys. Seems kind of un-Revity to me, you?

If you decide to create a camera annotation how do you know exactly where it is after you place the camera? Good old "right click" will help, just select the view in the Project Browser, Right Click and choose Show Camera. Make a note of where it is and drop your annotation there.


Anonymous said...

And while we are at it, make all editing tools available in camera views! Many Revit users and newbies would benefit from this.

Ekko Nap said...

I'm tempted to draw a crosshair on my monitor for this kind of stuff. Dead pixels work great as well.
For those of us who have gotten rid of our surplus crt's in stead of putting them to work, wouldn't a custom video card driver be able to generate a crosshair or some such?

Robin Capper said...

Yeah, a camera symbol with plot/no plot would be nice. Kinda like that AutoCAD platform building modeller has :)