Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pushing Parameters Around

Alternate title, "Getting What I Want"

I wanted to show a parameter for Mounting Height. I needed it assigned to a variety of elements. This isn't hard for families that are not hosted. Face-based families on the other hand seem to know what their "Elevation" value is but they are uninterested in sharing that data with a schedule. It's just not listed in the Available Fields list. Mean Revit!

This is a story of a white knight coming to the rescue, or rather Whitefeet coming to the rescue.

Obviously not the cat, I must mean the tools that Mario Guttman has made available to us via his alter ego "Whitefeet Tools". To get what I wanted I created a shared parameter called Mounting Height and added it to my project. For this post and this example I've assigned it to the cateory Data Devices. Once that's in place the steps are pretty easy (apart from getting the tool installed).

You either select all the devices first or just tell the tool to apply it to everything in the model. You start by running the Parameter Tools.

Next you click the Math Calculation button.

Now you've got to fill in some blanks and click a button.

When your information matches the image (change the category appropriately, I show Security Devices for example, Obviously this picture and the next one don't sync up, taken at different times).

Once the routine runs you can close the open dialog boxes and check the results. Cool eh?

Want to watch a video?


Julien BENOIT said...

thanks for the headup Steve!

Architect said...

Wow, Steve, I need to read your blog more often. The Whitefeet tools are nice.

heymoa said...

Real shame these tools are unavailable now, they could have sorted out a few MEP display issues. Is there an alternative tool?

Steve said...

Could try writing to Mario, he might make them available to you? There are many applications "out there" these days. Have a look at Autodesk App Exchange and AEC-Apps, keep up with the Revit Add-ons blog too.

heymoa said...

Hi Steve, I found that Kiwi Codes Bonus Tools has the copy parameter tool I was after.