Thursday, November 03, 2011

Family Naming - Don't Worry

Jose Fandos of Andekan posted again in his continuing theme of content related posts. He suggests that worrying about a family naming standard, an all-encompassing one at least, isn't our biggest priority. I agree, I've always preached consistency instead of specifics. Every firm I've met over the years has their own position about file and folder naming for every kind of software they use.

He (Jose) predicts that how we find content in and out of Revit will only get better as we move forward so the actual name of a Revit family may become less important as a means to find one. For example, the add-in Family Browser allows us to organize content logically and the name isn't really the focus (while it, a standard, does help organize the folder the content is in perhaps).

If by some chance everybody could agree on a standard strategy it wouldn't hurt us. I don't think it is a fundamental or major priority over actually having content created. If it gets made with a "bad" name, I can always rename it when it hits "my" library anyway. ;)


Marti said...

I disagree with that, in our case, naming is becoming very relevant when we try to use Revit models for estimating (with a different software that imports the models).
Having a standard that names the families based on an estimating standard (uniformat, masterformat, etc) is key to be able to use the models efficiently.

Steve said...

As long as a family has a relevant assembly code, manufacturer, model and/or omniclass code a family could be named "thing1" and "thing2" and it wouldn't need to affect estimating or spec writing at all. If the software is focused on name only then it's own strategy is too narrow.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Matthew disagrees in his post:

I'm not suggesting that names are unimportant, just that if families have other metadata that further defines their importance accurately their "family" name isn't "as" important to everyone.

I don't think we'll ever get a single universal accepted observed naming structure for content...

Sorry, people don't agree universally on anything. The name of my chair in my project will probably not ever impact another firms project in any meaningful way.