Monday, May 16, 2011

Revit 2012 Parts and Roofs

Via Help: Parts can be created from:
  • Foundation Slabs
  • Floors (no shape editing)
  • Walls (not stacked or curtain walls)
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs (that do not have ridge lines)
This last item, roofs, is the focus of this post. I find that if a roof ever had a slope, causing a ridge/valley line to appear, it will not activate the Create Parts tool even if the slope no longer exists. If you use the Shape Editing features for the roof it too will "kill" the Create Parts tool. If you use the Reset Shape button Revit will restore the Create Parts tool.
    Revit seems to retain the ridge/valley information whereas it will forget it if you use shape editing instead.
The work-around is to recreate the roof. You can use the same sketch by copying it to clipboard and then pasting it into the sketch of the new roof. Just make sure you remove the Defines Slope option before you finish the Roof sketch otherwise you'll end up with the same problem.

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Unknown said...

hi! I read here you can share some rev files of the Ordos concert Hall.
I'm an italian student who is planning a building with revit, and i'd like to make a similar facade.
Could you share or email me with the file of the facade, so i can study the file and make my own?
Thanks in advance