Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revit Conferences Draw Near

Are you attending one, the other, or both conferences this year?

Planning to attend but haven't registered yet? Time is "running out"!

RTCAUS 2011 is one week away in Goldcoast, Australia. So little time left to register that you'll have to register on-site if you don't do it quick.

RTCUSA 2011 is just one month away. Come to Huntington Beach California to spend three days with other Revit users, getting your fill of information and meeting and greeting!

As a friend on Facebook shared today:

Ya know... There are three kinds of people:

  1. The ones who learn by reading...
  2. The ones who learn by observation...
  3. And the rest of them who have to touch the fire to learn it’s hot...

Come to RTC to learn by all three!!

North America

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