Monday, May 09, 2011

Is a Single Model Viable?

I have a couple clients that have done this with some varying opinions on how successful it was.

  • Great to have live interaction between trades
  • Issues were much more obvious and forced resolution sooner.
  • Less linked file updating issues Helped minimize copy/monitor and redundant content
  • Plot day conflicts between trades, arch printing for meetings and MEP trades printing offset and difficult to have teams "stop working" long enough in advance to freeze development of the model so trades could "catch up" with design.
  • Performance...fairly obvious...file sizes became an issue so only really feasible on modest sized buildings
  • More worksets required, more views etc... browser became difficult
  • Warnings increased because everyone had to "see" other trade warnings

One outcome from attempts was the less obvious choice to merge A and E models, they shared one model for Arch/Elec because so many devices were "redundant" in separate models. This put A/E staff in the same model so they could share lighting and devices etc. Kind of obvious logical pairing but not as obvious to think of initially.

A truly single model can work but project size and the way teams interact can greatly affect how much "fun" it is.


Bill and Connie said...

I did not know this was possible. What is the process - start w/ arch model then each discipline opens and edits that same model for their MEP or Structural license seat?

Steve said...

Using Worksets each team member opens a local file for the same central file. The project template has to have everything each discipline needs to that means a bit bigger template too!

Yogesh said...

Steve...I think one model between A/E will also a difficult for managing a work.In my condition for Arch we are doing Arch,Interior and Fire,And for electrical we have Power And Lighting, Low Current, Lightening.

Again I am dividing team by assigning a workset.e.g. For Arch part we have Structural,Core, Skin etc.

For Arch model I had created a browser organization in a template.
As of I have only 3 part with architecture, managing a Arch CF is a big task for me.

If A/E are going to use combine model then organising all stream will be the big challenge.

Another one is owning a components during work.

And the important one is file size.

In my view use combine model isn't that much easy and friendly.