Monday, May 16, 2011

Poll Count - Where Did They Go?

I left the RTC post up for a few days to improve the odds of someone seeing and voting. Sorry to go "silent" in order to allow for that. Over the weekend I saw a high of 156 votes but was shocked this morning to only see 92. Apparently Google (Blogger) has been having some issues with polls losing votes over the last few months. At least there are numerous posts regarding this at Blogger help. I don't know if they will all come back or not. As it happens Jay Zallan posted a screen shot on his blog, pitching for keeping RTCUSA on the West Coast. Boston has been leading the rest most of the time. Oh, back to the shows 160 votes. At least this can help establish a higher value than what shows right now. Thanks for posting Jay and the screen capture!


Anonymous said...

Where is the love? How about someplace in the midwest, like KC or St. Louis?

Anonymous said...

What about Chicago?

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