Monday, March 03, 2008

Right Click - Create Similar

Sometimes a feature is right in front of you and you just keep missing it or perhaps just don't care to notice. I use this one quite a bit myself. When you've got something you like already in the model and you need to place another, just select it, Right Click and choose Create Similar!! How's that for short and SWEET! Easy too!

If you select more than one element the tool is a bit "hard of hearing" and won't be available, even if the multiple items are all the same type. So just select one.

I still keep looking for a Right Click > Copy to Clipboard, Paste and Paste Aligned face is turning a bit blue from holding my breath...


Anonymous said...

You can also just select the item and type "CS". can assign a keyboard shortcut for Paste Aligned too!(Create Similar is in the default shortcuts,Paste Aligned has to be assigned)

Unknown said...

If it makes you feel any better I'm constantly right clicking to copy and paste too. Isn't that in 'every' program in Windows?

"Right click, exhale, go up top to drop down" Rinse and repeat.