Thursday, March 20, 2008

Structure - Travelogue

I try not to dabble or indulge my personal stuff on this blog too much, apart from Revit being my personal thing, but I was wandering around downtown Billings, Montana (Big Sky Country) the last couple of evenings and passed this structure a couple times. The second time by, tonight, I felt compelled to snap a couple of "pitchurs".

This structure is known as Sky Point and I was pleasantly surprised to find it on Wikipedia. My client informed me of the name so that certainly helped my Google search effort! The structure has a couple of "leaves" that can swing out to fully cover the street intersection. It is in its compact state in the "pitchurs"...

So whose going to model it in Revit Structure for "fun"?

Fun facts:
Tallest column: 73 Feet
2 Shortest columns: 28 Feet
Sails: 3
Completed: April 2002
Dedicated: May 2002

One more for the road...

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